NASAMED is a company with tradition . For generations we have in medicine and in the field of its own , extensive experience . Referring to the existence of medical company had efficiency in mind to help their patients , based on the experience of their clinical work in the country and abroad.

Many years , based on sound knowledge and empirically tested treatments we offer on an individual basis , tailored to the patient and their needs. In business we combine the latest available technologies including telemedicine capabilities , experience and tradition. Still verify their knowledge and are open to new discoveries.

Our goal is to be close to the patient and to pursue his or her individual needs. We create a platform for knowledge and available source of help for everyone.
If you are a patient , get where you need help , we will provide you the necessary medical knowledge and will transport you to places provide effective relief .
For many years we have been present in the market for assistance . We offer our services in the broad cooperation .

We can send a doctor or paramedic to any place in the world for medical assistance . Our doctors and paramedics speak : Polish language ( original ) , English and Russian. We have our own medical equipment necessary to assist the patient to travel by plane, bus, car or ambulance . In the European Union we have the possibility of transport vehicles and specialized medical ambulance S, P and comfortable passenger cars.

Our physician with extensive experience in medical assists , has an entry visa to the United States and Canada. If you are interested in working with the company NASAMED , please contact us by email or phone.